Tuesday, September 27, 2011

You gotta be careful around here. This little rattler was not
making any noise at all. And he is good at blending in.

We had no time to deal with him today, so my mom took
a long metal pole and just knocked him off of the deck to the dirt below.

I hope he left the area. As I posted once before, you are supposed to "dispatch"
these guys, You can't let them slither around to come back and bite somebody.
But I was not prepared to shoot him this morning and I totally dislike hacking them
to death and nobody else was doing anything at this point, so off he went...
...this time.

Kinda spooky.


duanemyers50@gmail.com said...

I know he's just looking for a nice juicy mouse, but dang he is scarey!

Lizzy Tex Borden said...

A juicy mouse... He is more likely to find a squirrel, or a gopher... or a GROVE WORKER! YIKES!