Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Some years ago I went with my son to an airshow for radio controlled
airplanes in Ventura, California. These airplanes (and jets) are really cool
to watch. And the detail that these planes have is great, even down to the
little pilots sitting inside.
The guys who build and fly these planes are totally into it and I am bettin' that
a lot of them are really pilots. But these aircraft are not all fun and games. They are
big and they have real engines that can takes fingers off. Yikes.
And when they fly 'em, they fly 'em high and do aerobatics just like the ones that
hold full size people. Truth be told, I flew one of these once with the over the
shoulder assistance of one of the top RC pilots in the country. If he had not been
holding the controls right along with me, that plane would have flown off into the
sunset. I'm not kidding either. I lost sight of it. But he knew what he was doing and
helped me to bring it on back to the small airfield. If you ever see these things flying
around, you should stop and take a look.
I took these pictures with my old Sony Mavica.

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