Wednesday, December 26, 2012

About a week ago we bought one of these Nostalgia Popcorn
Poppers. I've been wanting this style popper for a while. The
reviews on this are not very good though. Some say it is more like a toy
than a popcorn popper. But give it a try says I.
Just to make sure we get maximum "Nostalgia" pleasure the way
"Nostalgia" intended our popcorn pleasure to be, I bought one of their
popcorn packs made specifically for their popper. We will see. If it makes
good popcorn at all I can tweak my recipes to the way I like it. This pack
comes with popping corn, butter flavored oil, white cheddar seasoning (ick),
ranch seasoning (ick), and nacho cheddar seasoning (ICK). I won't use those.
Unfortunately my work schedule will not allow me time to open this stuff
for a few weeks. So, sometime in the future popping excitement awaits.

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