Tuesday, January 22, 2013

 On December 26th of last year I posted a picture of a new Nostalgia Electrics
brand popcorn popper in the box. Today we finally had some time to open
it up and make our first batch of (hopefully) awesome movie style popcorn.
As I've said before, I have a popcorn fetish.

 This is the first round of popcorn. Hot out of the kettle.

 Not quite up to movie theater standards, but I think once I tweak my recipe
and learn how to use it a little better I can come closer. It's pretty darn fluffy.
I put salt right into the kettle before it popped, and that works well. I think
it really needs a little butter though, even though the oil is "better flavored".

 After cleaning out the popper I made two fresh batches one right after the
other for my movie viewing. You can see that it doesn't pop very much at
all. Not enough for me anyway. That is two full batches in the container.

Ladies and Gentlemen, in summation... and I feel kind of bad writing this,
but to be completely honest, my first impression is that I probably would
not buy this popper again. It doesn't pop much corn at all. Between preparation
and clean up it's quite a bit of work for the small return. I think that if you have
kids who don't eat a whole lot of popcorn and enjoy having movie nights 
at home, this would be a lot of fun for that. But this IS just my first impression. 
It might change over time.

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