Saturday, January 19, 2013

 A few years ago my son gave me this little book for Christmas. It's
called, "The Brady Bunch Guide to Life". And if The Bradys
can't guide us, NOBODY can. Am I right?

The book is full of life's lessons from each episode of their
famous television show. For example, from the episode "Marcia Gets
Creamed", we learned it is best never to work with a
sibling. Is that not true?

And from "Law and Disorder" we found out that nobody likes a pushy
safety monitor. That little Bobby acted like a real little...  I will
hold my tongue.

But most of all, The Brady Bunch taught us that "You can't just stay inside
all day. You gotta get out and get some of those rays....on a sunshine day."

That is totally bitchen.

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