Sunday, January 20, 2013

I'm going to file this entry under, "Rod Serling".

I ordered my fast food last night and totally had my choice of parking
spots as the place was deserted. Awesome. I like that.

I am there for less than five minutes when a van pulls around and parks
right next to me. And I mean RIGHT next to me.

The guy is so close to me that his wife and four kids have to get out of
the van by way of the driver's side door. They can't even exit out of
the passenger door.

I took this picture as I was leaving. I was parked right to the right of
that person's white van (Or should I say HE was parked right to the LEFT
of ME). I blurred portions of the van because it is a business vehicle with phone
numbers on it. Anyway, I find this a very interesting phenomenon.
I just have to wonder what Mr. White Van was thinking about.
...Just another day.

(I took the pictures with my phone so the picture quality = not that good.)

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