Friday, January 25, 2013

 During the Christmas season my mom usually makes a couple batches of
Chex Mix. I am sure you're familiar with it. I love the stuff. Tonight I had
some while I watched the movie "Fargo". Insert segue here: The other night
I was listening to this guy on the radio who I like.  He was talking about
something that folks are doing that he found totally lame and uninteresting.
I don't feel the way he does.

It seems that people in eateries are "tweeting" photos of their food to each other
and to their blogs, etc. This is happening to such an extent that the restaurant's
owners are banning the activity as disruptive to the other customer's
dining experiences.


I suppose it is the voyeur/exhibitionist in me, but I really enjoy seeing other folks
"stuff". Maybe not food really, but lots of stuff. I just think it is fun. If I am not
interested? I move on. That's the beauty of it. Huzzah again!

 And in celebration of aforementioned "stuff", here is a picture I took
just a few minutes ago of some "stuff" somewhere on my computer table
that I have not touched in weeks (I think) as evidenced by dust particles.

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