Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Forgive me. Another pizza post.
I loves me some pizza.
I went to Kmart to do a little shopping (it's the only place that is
never out of stock on some makeup I use) and lo and behold, a Little
Caesar's Pizza is inside the store! Well, I knew it was in there as I
had been there before, but I decided that it was high time to have
another portion of my all time favorite food.
Two $5 HOT-N-READY pizzas to go.
She even gave me this cool heavy duty foil type bag to keep my
pizzas in so they would stay warm. They actually stayed HOT. I took
them out to the truck to have a couple of pieces before taking the rest
home for tomorrow.
Oh yeah... look at that beauty. And it WAS hot. WAY too hot to
eat. I was dying. My favorite food laid out before me and I
 am serious, it was scorching. It would have taken 15 minutes for
it to cool down enough to eat by hand. TORTURE!
But I am prepared. Everybody makes fun of me for keeping a
Snow Peak titanium spork in my purse. But here's the deal: I
will be greasin' down while they are burning their little hands. Hip
hip for Snow Peak!
And the wonderful view I enjoyed as I ate. Heh heh... Ghetto.
And yeah, I know... Little Caesar's is not the king of pizza, but
I love pizza so much that you really have to screw it up
for me to not like it. Ciao!

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