Monday, February 18, 2013

Here are two more things that I bought at gun shows quite a few
years ago. Have you ever seen a Spyderco FOLD-A-VEE knife sharpener?
I've never really used it. I bought it because it looked unique. It's for field
use and when folded up it fits in the leather sheath you see there. It works
pretty good I suppose.
Also pictured is another item I never really used. That's an older
version of a Gerber LMF knife. It's a cool knife, but I feel that it's a
little "pretend", kind of  like the Buckmaster 184 survival knife that
I posted a photo of not too long ago. I think that they are good knives, but
not very practical. I'm not sure how much abuse they would
take. I've never even taken the LMF to a stone.

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