Monday, February 11, 2013

I started smoking at a very young age and smoked for a long time. I quit
a few times, once for about five years, then I picked it up again for
a few, but this time I haven't smoked for almost ten years. I am certain I will
not ever start again. But as I have said before, I am always on the smoker's side.
And when I am reminded of the price of cigarettes as I was today by this sign,
I am in awe. I am just in total awe. Ridiculous.
Many years ago when I did smoke and new anti-smoking rules were coming into
effect for the company I worked for, I remember reading a memo about how smokers
and non-smokers would have to reach a "compromise". I think we have seen
what the "compromise" has done for people who enjoy cigarettes. Remember
this: If somebody, anybody ever decides that a legal activity you enjoy
bothers them and it reaches the point where the word "compromise"
is used, you could be on the road to Beingscrewedville.

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