Thursday, April 4, 2013

I'm a member of the Regal Crown Club and had earned a
free movie ticket. It was set to expire soon so I used it tonight.
There was absolutely nothing that I wanted to see so I just kind of
had to choose what I thought might be the lesser of all evils.
I went to see "Olympus Has Fallen". If your idea of a good "action
movie" involves seeing the White House destroyed, the Washington
Monument fall in a very Twin Tower like fashion and seeing an
older woman being brutally beaten by a terrorist in an effort to extract
a secret code from her, then this is your movie.
I cannot recommend this movie even slightly. It is a waste of space IMHO.
All I liked about the movie (however unredeemable) was Robert Forster
looking pretty darn sexy and Gerard Butler because I don't know why, I just
seem to like him.
But hey, I did score this G.I. Joe Retaliation poster. Another movie I have
no interest in, but I like movie posters. This was the first time in a while
that they have been handing posters out.

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