Saturday, June 22, 2013

Years ago (again), I bought this Gerber coffin handle
bowie knife at a gun show that they used to have at the
Los Angeles County Fairgrounds. The show is no more,
but that is a long story for another day. Anyway....
...I bought the knife used in great condition and I have no
idea why it says "MAC TOOLS" on it. Or if I knew, I just
can't remember right now. The knife has tripled in value what
I paid for it, even without a box or paperwork.
The blade is 9 1/2 inches and the knife is 14 3/4 inches overall.
It is 5/16 inches thick. The handle is a grippy like rubber with a
brass lined lanyard hole. The guard is brass but I have no idea
what material the blade is made of. The sheath is a Cordura
material (I believe) and can be used with a military web belt
or any belt can be threaded through a generous sized loop.
I have never sharpened or even used the knife. I have all the
good intentions in the world of using knives like this when I
buy them, but I am just too wishy washy about getting them
"dirty". It's okay, I have knives that are "users". I am just happy
to have this knife in my collection.
I left the photos pretty big for opening in a new tab or window.

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