Sunday, September 15, 2013

Yesterday when my son and I went to pick up my Friday the 13th Blu-ray
collection, we decided to stop someplace for dinner. It was a crap shoot. We
saw this place, Yellow Basket and thought it looked interesting. We were
gonna give it a go.

But when we saw this sign on the way in, we were a little spooked. I mean,
what kind of cook do they have NOW? We jest. We're a funny pair, we two.

It turned out to be a great atmosphere. On the outside it looked like an old
El Pollo Loco restaurant to me, an old Del Taco to my son (he is so wrong),
but the inside was totally a Tom's. Even the menu was almost a Tom's.

And just like Tom's they had hot peppers for the taking! We are all OVER
hot peppers for the taking. Every day of the week we are for hot peppers
for the taking.

 Ice cold coke in old school cups is always the best.

And finally, it's true. The food is served in a yellow basket. I will finish this
up by saying, the bacon burger with thousand island dressing on it was
nothing less than a ten out of ten. Quite possibly a twelve out of ten.

My mouth is watering, but alas with this place being forty miles away, I
won't be enjoying it again anytime soon.

And coming up? Our first trips of the Halloween Season to look
for spooky stuff. Those old feelings are returning. Mwa ha haaaa.

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