Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Exciting stuff today.
Clown horror/gore. Hey, these things might not look so scary
by the light of day, but tell me that a clown coming at you
in your home in the middle of the night with one of these
things (foam or not) would not get your blood flowing.
Yeah, it would. You know it would. It would.

And hey, Zombie Guts. Hoo-rah! Not sure what makes
them any different than regular guts, but hey, I am down
with 'em. And don't let your dang youngins play with
the plastic bag. And don't line their cribs with it either.

And how about THESE things. Look at the bad bad smoking
man on the package. Filthy creature. *shiver* And these fake
cigarettes "contain small parts. Not for Children under 3 years."
There go the costume ideas for the grandbabies right outta
the dern window. And look at the bad bad smoking man.

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