Thursday, November 7, 2013

As I've mentioned once or twice, I've been sick with this stupid
cold or whatever it is for about 12 days now. The latest feature
of this particular illness is the loss of my voice. No talking today.
Anyway, throughout this bout I have watched several mini-series
on DVD. During my last days off I watched Dead Man's Walk,
Streets of Laredo and Return to Lonesome Dove.
Today's feature playing at the Tex Cinema was Comanche Moon.
After the original, Lonesome Dove, I enjoyed this one the most.
On the screen above is Steve Zahn as Augustus '"Gus" McCrae
and Karl Urban as Woodrow F. Call. This was the only one
other than the original that caused me to shed a tear.

This is one of those family owned BBQ restaurants that you walk
into and can just smell the taste. These restaurants are not about
the atmosphere, they are about the food. To get to the restroom
you pass by a big oven with stacks of wood that go practically
to the ceiling. They are constantly being loaded into the fire to
do what they do to the meats they are preparing.
My mouth is watering just thinking about this place.

This is where the food would be if I had taken a picture of it.

So what did we learn from today's post? I am sick. I watched
a movie that you still know nothing about and I go to a BBQ
restaurant sometimes. Wow, that's pretty weak. Sorry.

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