Thursday, February 27, 2014

I decided to take a walk around Rancho De La Tex after
the rains. I don't know how accurate these rain gauges are
but this one says close to nine inches. It has been raining a
lot, I'm just not sure if it is just this much a lot.

So much rain coming down and all this guy collected was a
rock. We should form a club. The fawn makes a
guest appearance.

It looks like my old chair of seventeen years or so has seen
it's last days. This was my old "sit outside and smoke" chair.
I bought it strictly for that purpose. I haven't used it for that
reason for ten years last June. Anyway, I guess it has
held it's last backside.

Think you used enough mousetraps there, Butch?

There aren't a whole lot of oranges there right now, but the
ones that are there are pretty doggoned.... orangy.

Last one for today is a flower.

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