Wednesday, February 12, 2014

So I was playing a game of pool on my beloved iPod when
Jimmy comes walkin' in...

Jimmy is always good for a few moments of abandon and some
laughs, and he plays a good game of Eight Ball. He smokes too
much and every room he spends time in ends up looking like a
bar. I believe that if Jimmy were able, he would surround himself
in black and white.

He doesn't know much about me, and that's the way I want it. Jimmy
says he thinks of me, often. But it isn't Jimmy who thinks about me.
It's those romantic bits of his that do all of Jimmy's thinking.

"So kid, ya married?"
Wellum.. That depends on your definition of married, Jimmy...
"Married.. You know... husband, dog, kid... white fence... the works.."
You gotta be kiddin', Ji....
"LOOK HERE! Do I LOOK LIKE I'm kidding?"

Jimmy pounded the stiff rubber end of his cue stick on the floor three times...

He softened.

"I loves ya baby... I gots ta know..."


No..... No Jimmy.... I ain't married... Not no more.
"It's yer shot....."
Okay Jimmy....okay....

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