Friday, February 21, 2014

Stand and Deliver!
I just ran across my Adam Ant poster from back in the
day. Adam Ant was thee dude. I liked his music a lot (strings
and marching drums ala' 1700's). With songs like Strip, Friend
or Foe and Dog Eat Dog, Ant Music was hot in the early 80's.
 Adam has quite a background and has had his share of problems,
but he keeps coming back.

And here is something that I didn't really know I had. My
3 Dog Night ticket. I don't want to say how long ago this was,
but look at the price of the ticket. This was my first more or
less "on my own" rock concert and was at The Great Western
Forum in Inglewood, California.

The Forum was one of the former homes to the Los
Angeles Lakers basketball team. I hate basketball.

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