Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I went to the movies again today...

...Theater 7 to see...

!!! GODZILLA !!!
I saw it in 3D, not IMAX, just 3D. It was.... okay. Pretty good in
parts. It just didn't quite win me over. Let's just say, I was not an
Iron Man fan when I first went to an Iron Man movie. Now I totally
am. I was not an Avengers fan when I saw that movie. But now
I like The Avengers. Godzilla? I was having a difficult time
suspending my disbelief for this one. And I am usually pretty
darn easy in that department.

And I just didn't care about anybody in the movie.... at all.
Not like Pepper and Tony who never fail to tug at my heart strings.
Anyway, it is at least worth a rental when it comes out on DVD or
Blu-ray. But hey, I did have a good time at the movies today.

THIS one is next on my itinerary (if all goes right).

P.S. Oh darn. I forgot to drop my 3D glasses in
the bucket again. My bad.

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