Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Beautiful day out.
I went to the movies again today to see Maleficent in 3D.
This is a movie that I'm pretty sure is mostly known for a title
that nobody can pronounce. It is pronounced,
Mal-ef-ah-cent... I think.

 Once inside I took a seat in the lobby for a few moments
as I usually do to balance my checkbook and just take in the
awesome theater atmosphere. I totally love the carpet.

Ahhhhhh..... Just smell that buttered popcorn.

 Hmmmm... They couldn't fit the "t" in I guess.
Once again, I'm goin' in.

 Hey, I wonder what in the heck this thing is for?

Okay, that was a good movie. Angelina is not my
fav actor ever, but she did good. As usual I don't want
to give spoilers, so I'm not going to say much. But
the Maleficent character was not like I thought she
would be. She was even better. And I hate me one
freakin' king. This movie is a definite for shore see it.
I will be buying it on Blu-ray to be certain.

And, I got another movie poster! Chef!
I never heard of it.

On my way home I stopped by Barnes & Noble and picked
up two CDs I wanted. The new Jack White, and an Arlo
Guthrie CD. I don't want a pickle. Just want to ride on my
motor-sickle. And I don't wanna die. Just wanna ride on my
motor cy......cle.

Good day.

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