Friday, January 16, 2015

I bought a new knife. "Huzzah!" says I.
This is a Ka-Bar Becker BK14 Eskabar knife. The blade is 3 1/4
inches long with an overall length of 7 inches. It is made of 1095
Cro-Van steel. The knife itself comes as you see it here with a
"skeletonized" handle.

You can wrap the handle with "paracord" (parachute cord) or leave as is.
I like either of those options about zero amount so I bought the aftermarket
Zytel handles (I prefer to call them grips or panels) that come
two pair to a pack, orange and black.

Here is the knife with the grip panels installed and it makes all the
difference in the world. The sheath is a hard plastic and is actually
intended to be worn around the neck. Ferget that. I will come up
with something else. The edge needs some work and I will do my
best with that soon. There is a lanyard hole that is a pretty good
size. Anyway, this is a totally great little fixed blade knife.

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