Tuesday, January 6, 2015

It was my birthday recently and here is my French
Silk Pie birthday cake.

Believe me, it was a WHOLE lot better than my picture makes it look.
You know how that goes. Now, historically and the way I was raised,
I am the type of person who works on my birthday if my birthday falls
on a work day. But this year I said, "I'm taking a few days off. I aint'a
gonna work on my birthday this year." So I took four days off.
It was heaven.

I went to the Disney Store on my Birthday and I was totally surprised by
the Star Wars products they had for sale. I got this pretty nifty die cast
Millennium Falcon.

It isn't perfect but it was $19.99 and for that price it is great.

This is the view from above. It stays in the box.

 When you purchase a Star Wars item at the Disney Store you are
given a collector card. I don't know what is inside and.... you called
it... I never will.

Disney 99.99% of the time does it just right and their merchandise
bags are no exception.

 El Nerdo me saves all of them. They're fun to have down the line.

My favorite gift to myself was a new ring. I spent WAY too much on
it. Scary too much. But I did it and I am happy. I spent a lot of time
looking for one that I loved, and I found it.

I had a very nice birthday, and I didn't have to work the next day.
That was one of the best parts.

I promise that I will get outside with my camera sometime soon.

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