Thursday, January 8, 2015

It was a nice day out today.

The little flowers were doing their thing...

...and the solar gopher repellers beeped
whenever I walked by them.

 They even had this guy frozen in his tracks.


Later on that night...

 So we are sitting there just before the credits to Jurassic Park:
Part Two start to roll and my mom says, "It feels like there
is something in my sweatpants." Yeah, okay. We continue to watch
the credits and she says it again. "It feels like there is something in
my sweatpants." She raises her pant leg up and I shine my flashlight and
sure enough, there is a freakin' scorpion crawling on the inside of her
pants. I BAPPED it with my flashlight a couple of times. It finally
fell to the floor and I stomped on it.

It was actually a pretty frantic scene and we were all laughing like crazy,
most likely out of nervousness. The picture above shows the part of
the scorpion that was left in my mom's pant leg after I knocked it off.

These scorpions can be a pain.

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