Wednesday, February 4, 2015

 I don't usually post license plates, but there is no way
I can't share this one. I bet the waiting line for this Star
Wars license plate would be pretty dang long.

I've heard a lot about TUSK, both good and bad
(mostly not so great), and I have been holding out for
weeks, but my (Human Centipede like) curiosity is getting
the best of me, so here it is.

I also shoplifted this bottle of Hoppe's (pronounced
hop-eez if you please) gun oil. That's right, I stole it.
I didn't mean to. I forgot to put it on the "belt" and
I walked out with it in the bottom of my cart. My bad.
I will make good on it next week when I go back. I may
be a few things, but thief ain't one of 'em.

I just noticed something in the background of
this picture...


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