Friday, March 20, 2015

I really needed an Urban Cowboy fix tonight, so a trip to
Borden Cinema was in order. Sissy wants to ride the
mechanical bull at Gilley's Club in  Pasadena, Texas.
Husband Bud won't allow it. But she is going to do it
anyway and above you see her as she enters the club
in the late afternoon to do just that. When beloved Bud
finds out, there will be Hell to pay.
I love Bud and Sissy. Honorable mention goes out to
Sissy's friend, Jessie.

And please forgive me but I must post my Becker BK7
knife just one more time. I took it out to play again today
and it is becoming more and more mine. It made pretty
quick work of that wood you see pictured.

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