Saturday, March 7, 2015

It's another hot one out there today. Got my diet soda
loaded (I'm not gonna say I live on this stuff, but...) and
I am out to wash a couple of cars in bad need.

Let's see here... Got my tools, for the most part.

The hose is always a fun a part to deal with.

Especially when there are two of them to get tangled up.
But it's all good. Two hoses are much better than one.

Scrub scrub scrub.

Drying towels drying.

All done. Two clean cars and some sun on my face.
Very nice.

I truly needed a Voorhees fix. It's been some months since
I watched a Friday the 13th movie. That time was Part V.
Tonight was a great viewing of Part VIII: Jason Takes
Manhattan. A highlight of the movie is the awesome featured
song "The Darkest Side Of The Night" written by Fred Mollin
and Stan Meissner and performed by Metropolis.
1980's wonderment.

(That keychain is not a Friday the 13th item. It's trying though.)

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