Wednesday, April 15, 2015

I hope this movie is as good as the name. I mean, you don't
hear a name like "The Babadook" every day. It says on the
cover that it freaked William "The Exorcist" Friedkin out so
there must be something good about it. On the other hand,
sometimes printing something like that on the front of a movie
cover is a very bad sign. It means the movie cannot stand on
it's own. But anyway, I've been waiting a good long time for
this one to come out and we shall see.

I also bought a set of "dog tags" from a seller on Amazon. I have
regulation Air Force dog tags that were my father's. I have purchased
dog tags at gun shows. These pieces of crap are toys. I'm a girl and I
didn't have to try hard at all to bend them in half. It's the good
ol' "you win some you lose some" thing. I will try again. Huzzah!

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