Wednesday, May 27, 2015

 I had been putting off buying these .22 brass and
tornado bore brushes for my gun cleaning kit for
a long time because I didn't need them that badly.
They are seven or so dollars at Walmart. But last
week it fit into the budget so I purchased them.

This is the very first gun cleaning kit I every bought. It
is a Hoppe's brand kit and I bought it on June 4th, 1985.
It doesn't snap closed anymore so I hold it together
with two big rubber bands. It ran about $7.99.

I love this kit and it has a lot of memories for me. I have
added and taken away from it over the years but the core
of the kit is still in there. I have spent a lot of time with
that there cleaning rod.

You can see stuff I have added. I prefer the plastic jags
over brass. The brass jags just feel..... harsh. And I
do not run the patches through with a slotted jag like so
many seem to do. I push them through with a regular jag.
(You needed to know.)

Several years ago I sent away for this Hoppe's Commemorative
gun cleaning kit. It is tin and embossed. Really cool. I bought
it as a gift for my son when he buys his first firearm.

So far though, he is not doing the gun thing, so the kit remains
hidden away and will be a surprise for him one day... or not.

Hoppe's (pronounced hop-eez) rules.

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