Monday, May 11, 2015

I got my hands on a copy of The Adventures of Pepper
and Paula. Pistol Packin' Paula is a real life one-woman
western performer who does not star as herself in this movie,
but the movie is about her. I'm not sure exactly how much
about her it is as I have not seen it yet.

Pistol Packin' Paula works out of Enchanted Springs
Ranch in Boerne, Texas. She is the only woman in the
United States who twirls full size genuine pistols (.45 Colt
Cimarrons). She is also a stuntwoman. She handles
bullwhips and has performed as Annie Oakley. I've been a
fan of hers for a long time and a few years ago she sent me
this autographed photo.

I would love to see her show someday.

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