Sunday, September 13, 2015

This is a hat for sale at the Indian Store that we go
to and visited earlier this week. I suppose the beading is
authentic because the hat sells for a fortune. I am pretty
ignorant when it comes to why some of these items
are as valuable as they are (or aren't). I wish to learn more.

I bought this piece of scrap leather to strop my knives
on. It is just a "poor man's" strop until I can afford
a store bought one with compound. I will cut it to
size. This was the best piece I could find that was

I have watched The History Channel's mini-series
"Texas Rising" over the last three nights. I viewed
the last ninety minutes tonight at Borden Cinema
and I think it was well worth watching. From what
I have read, I am almost alone with that. It is 7.5
hours long and I will watch it again someday.

The ending seemed to tease a part two called
"Comanche Wars". I hope that comes about. But
again, from what I have read, because of low
ratings, that might not happen. Sheesh, I thought
it was good.

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