Thursday, October 29, 2015

This was a first for me. This is a Skeleton Wreath.
Looks like something from "Texas Chainsaw Massacre".
Kinda cool, if not a little "busy" looking.

I know she has major problems other than the obvious
sinus issues. She is seven feet tall and she moves.

Hey, here is something I can appreciate: Woody's cowboy
hat from "A Toy Story". You know I like cowboy hats.
As a matter of fact...

I wonder what is in the bag.

 Here is a hint.

That's right. I went to Boot Barn today to use a ten dollar
coupon I received for completing an online survey. This
is a Resistol Denison 7X Straw Hat. Not near the quality
or the price of my other recently purchased hat. But it is
still a Resistol and a fine hat. This hat will be known as
a "beater". Ain't gonna worry about beating this one up.

And now I have earned through the rewards program a
fifteen dollar coupon. Lord save them, they may never
see the end of me. Might be a new beaver felt Gus crease
hat in my future. That is kind of a long-shot, but a possibility.

After Boot Barn we (my mom and I) went over to SEARS because
I desperately needed a couple new pairs of Levi's jeans. Holy cow, those
things are STEEP! Anyway, after SEARS, we stopped at Denny's...

...for an ice cold Coca-Cola.
It was a fine day.

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