Wednesday, December 9, 2015

I have said for years and years and years that Garth Brooks has
done a lot to help destroy traditional country music. But just
between you and I, there are one or two songs *cough cough
Low Places cough cough* that I enjoy. All I have to do is get past
the achy breaky boot scoot your boogie aspect of it all. So I bought
this "The Hits" CD. Let's keep this purchase on the down low.

The best part of  today's transaction was finding "Appaloosa" on
 Blu-ray. I have been looking for this for a decent price for months.
 Today at FYE it was "Buy One Used Get One Used for $1.99".
Appaloosa. $1.99. SCORE. Appaloosa is a great movie that not
many folks appreciate. Nice interaction between two business
associates/friends, great shooting sequences, great hardware,
leather and scenery.

We will just kind of leave the Renée Zellweger thing alone.

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