Sunday, August 21, 2016

I have wanted a strop for my knives for a long time. About a
year ago, still unsure of which strop I wanted to buy, I posted
a picture of this piece of leather that I bought at the Indian Store.
I bought it during the Halloween Crawl that my son and I go on
once a year. I bought the scrap piece and cut it down. It has been
a pretty good stand in...

...until recently when I finally decided on this strop from Bark
River Knives. This strop is two-sided and came with two compounds.
One is a little grittier than the other. Strops are used to straighten and
polish an edge. They can prolong the life of a blade as they do not remove
as much steel as sharpening on a stone or ceramic does, if any.

I am not very good at it, and maybe I will never be that good at it,
but I think I am good enough to make it work for me. That's a
real purdy edge on my Becker BK2 if ya ask me.

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