Saturday, August 20, 2016

I bought this movie, "Geronimo - An American Legend" on DVD.
It has a pretty good cast and I am going to give it a shot.

Plus it has a code for $7.50 off of a ticket for the new "Magnificent
Seven" movie. I got one of these coupons a week or two ago with the
DVD, "The Missing", so now I can take a date. Hoo-rah!


...later that night.

I watched "Geronimo - An American Legend". The movie was pretty good.
I give it about six out of ten pack mules. But, apparently accurate history it is not.
And I have had one or two DVDs that have bad specifications on the covers like
this one. It told me that it was in both wide and fullscreen. It lied. Had I known
that it was ONLY a fullscreen presentation I would have passed on the purchase.

Once you watch it for a while, you kind of get used to seeing only part of
the picture, but I would not voluntarily watch movies in fullscreen format.

(Please excuse my grammar and punctuation. I am almost SURE that it
is worse than usual with this post. I have no real way of knowing.)

Well will you just take a gander at this! So cool. I found 200 more rounds
of .22 ammunition at Walmart. Things are looking up, at least temporarily.

We will know more after November. One thing is for sure,
they cannot keep us down. They will not win. It is not in the cards.

This is America.

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