Tuesday, November 8, 2016

~ I Voted - November 8th, 2016 ~

And to celebrate Election Day and all that that entails,
I bought a new Buck knife. This is the Buck Trio 373.

I love Buck knives. The only thing that bothers me about
this particular knife is: Made in China. Every time I see
"China" on the blade I cringe a bit. But this is a great sharp-
out-of-the-box knife and I like it. Three blades: clip, spey
and sheepsfoot. Centered nicely and no play. With tax and
a (reusable) bag I had to buy over at Walmart now, this knife
ran me $16.01. Nothing much else to say.

Redundant, but I LIKE seeing this on my knife. I have a
few Buck knives that I have had for some thirty-five
years and they are soon to be heirlooms.

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