Thursday, January 5, 2017

Another Birthday Week adventure awaits. Today I left
El Rancho De La Tex and it was raining out. Everything
was clean and the air was crisp. Great start.

First stop today was Boot Barn. I love this place. I don't
think I have been here for about seven months. Today I
am playing. Lot's of great stuff in there. More great hats.
Do not need another hat right now. Great jackets too.
Mucho dinero.

Today I bought this fun wall decor. It looks like old
Route 66 stuff to me. Kitsch and cowboy. Works for me.

This is what I really went in for today. Saw it online and
decided this would be my choice for today.

A closer look. I like this. I would like to find a just perfect
horseshoe ring as well. Something a little more expensive.

Now I am going to head over to the mall. They have a few
stores I like to visit. A DVD/Blu-ray/CD store, the Comics-N-
Stuff store and a Disney store.

Oh man. This mall is under heavy duty construction.
Half the stores are boarded up...

...including the Disney Store. The entrance to TDS WAS on the
right there, where the white wall is now. Oh well, I did get a few
movies at the video store, and a little something at Comics-N-Stuff.
I went into the arcade and played a few skee-ball games. I like to
take all the tickets I win and tuck them away in a corner in hopes
that some little kid will find them.

It's just about time to go home now, except I don't want
too. It is a wonderfully rainy, rainy evening out.
 I think I will stay and see a movie.

Yeah, there is a movie theater right
next to these little restaurants.

My favorite movie theater: a Regal Theater.

Great colors in here. It turns out that this theater has seats that recline,
BIG seats that recline... Big LEATHER seats that recline, and tables
that fold in so you can put your snacks right in front of you. This is
insane. It is like being at somebody's home theater, but a HUGE home
theater. Anyway, I had a great time in there even though I was sitting in
a packed theater with a couple on my left and a couple on my right.
So much room that it was fine.

And one more thing... When you buy your ticket at the box office, you
choose your seat from a chart, so your seat is your seat. Your seat
number is printed on your ticket. Unreal.

They serve alcohol in there as well.
I am not really thrilled about that.

The movie I saw was "Passengers" with Jennifer Lawrence and
Chris Pratt. That Chris, I am liking him more and more. The movie was
pretty good, kept me engaged, but nothing to write home about although
I will probably buy it when it comes out on Blu-ray. I give it about
6.5 out of 10 hibernation pods.

The movie let out just before 10 PM and I have about a 40 minute
drive back to El Rancho, so I guess it's time. Another great day.
Home again home again.

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