Wednesday, January 4, 2017

My Birthday Week continues! This is a great week. I've never
done this before. After running a few errands I went over to the
Family Christian Store as they sent a 40% off coupon to me for
my birthday. I made a small purchase there and then found myself
here at Barnes & Noble...

...searching for a couple of hours through the CDs and movies.

I ran across this Jim Nabors CD. I am sure most people (if ANY
people remember anymore) know Jim from his role as Gomer Pyle
on the Andy Griffith show and the TV show Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.

But Jim is also a singer. My mom tells me that when I was young,
my dad (who always seemed to do a lot of stuff sans mom and I)
would go to The Horn, a club on Santa Monica Blvd in Santa Monica
and Jim would be doing his thing in there. When I see his CDs,
that is what always comes to my mind. I never went to The Horn
when I was older.

A year later, I am still trying to come to grips with this.

Hey! I found a Kenny G CD that I don't have! Now I have it!
Got to have Kenny.

A Harley Quinn coin bank in the clearance
section for six dollars! I have her now too!

Rob Roy for five dollars. I saw this movie a looooong time ago and
I think I enjoyed it. Time to find out if I remember right.

I paid for my stuff and on way out, right by the door was an older woman
that I had not noticed on my way in. I said hi to her and we struck up a
conversation. She was standing at a table that had a few books on it and
a large framed old photograph of folks standing in front of some boxcars.

Doris Martin was one of the young girls in that photo and they were on their way
to Auschwitz. Ms. Martin is a Holocaust survivor. She was at B & N selling
her book titled "Kiss Every Step". We talked for a while and there was no way
that I was going to leave Barnes & Noble without her book. I cannot even
imagine... What she and her family have been through...
Strength I will never know. Doris Martin is a delight.

More tomorrow. Early day coming up.

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