Monday, January 2, 2017

- Prologue -
I requested a couple of days off for my birthday this week and
they gave them to me. And to my surprise they cut back on hours
this week after the holidays and I was given a BONANZA of time
off. I have more than a few days. I have at least one or two things
planned for every single day. FUN things for the most part.
No wasted time off here.

Today I made a drive over to Temecula California to visit their mall.
Years ago I used to go to this mall every once in a while to... a Coke, sit in the food court for hours, people watch and
listen to the sounds. I did that today and listened to my iPod. Busy
today. I had forgotten that everybody had today off. I thought school
would be back in session and folks would be heading into work.
Not so...

I also spent some time admiring the Lucky Coin I bought in one of
the shops. It will reside in the bottom of my purse to be seen perhaps
once every few weeks when I clean out the change. Don't judge.
Later, on my way out of the mall...

...I stopped back into the Disney Store to buy a die cast Stormtrooper
that I was thinking about buying. This guy is awesome. He will live
at home next to my die cast Darth Vader. "Look sir, droids..."

The sun is going down and it looks a little stormy. Time to head on
home. I have more plans for tomorrow and I have to get up early.

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