Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Stuff to do today! I got into my car and found that a bee was
about to hitch a ride to town on my windshield.

The last time this happened, the little feller rode pretty near
all nineteen miles to town with me. I had felt bad about taking
him away from all his friends and besides, we need all the
bees around here we can get, so I gave this guy the
windshield wiper treatment and off he flew.

First stop, yep.... favorite place. Coincidentally, while
I was taking this picture....

....a bee landed on my finger. I jumped and he jumped and I
took a picture of the side of a car. I had no idea
until I got the picture home....

....that the guy was in the frame. A split second ago
he was up on my finger. I wonder, could this be the same...
Naw, couldn't be. This must just be Bee Day.

Anyway.... Rogue One! I've been waiting for this. With
popcorn, Diet Coke and 3D glasses in hand, I'm a' goin' in.

All I'm going to say is, Rogue One was GREAT. If you are a
Star Wars fan, it is a must see. I rate the first half of this movie
8.5 Death Star Plans, and the second half, 10 Death Star Plans.
So overall.... TEN DEATH STAR PLANS. I now cannot
WAIT for it to come out on Blu-ray so I can watch it a few
more times. To me, an outstanding "Star Wars" movie.

I was so excited after seeing this movie I went against my
better judgment and a promise to myself that I would not
do this and I went over to Toys "R" Us to see if there was
something Rogue One I could buy to remember the day.

I found nothing that was worthy of Rogue One, but I did
find a good sale on two die cast helmets with stands. Kylo
Ren's helmet and Poe Dameron's helmet from The Force
Awakens. Didn't need, should not have purchased,
but I am ten.

One more thing for today. I walked by a Baskin-Robbins
ice cream store and thought "What the hay,
it is just after the holidays....

....I have not been to a Baskin-Robbins for more years than
a lot of folks have been alive, and I am betting they have
egg nog ice cream."

Yes, yes they did. And it was good. Beyond good.

Got to get back to El Rancho De La Tex for now.
More birthday week doin's for tomorrow.
I cannot believe all this time I have off.
It feels.... weird, but good.

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