Sunday, January 8, 2017

 I went to see a movie of the type I don't usually go to a theater
to see... Manchester by the Sea. For films of this type, kind
of artsy-crafty non-action shows, I will wait for them to come
to DVD or Blu-ray. They don't require a huge screen to appreciate.
But I wanted to get off the ranch for a while AND
it stars one of my favorites, Casey Affleck. 

This movie was pretty darn good. Drama drama drama and holy cow,
some pretty radical family love and loss stuff happens. A little more than
halfway through the movie I still didn't feel like I cared a lot about the characters,
then they dropped the heavy stuff on us and I realized I was wrong. I definitely
suggest it to rent or buy. I will be buying when it comes out on Blu-ray.

And this next thought goes out to the patrons of this movie, and so many others
I have seen... The credits, music or sounds at the end of the movie are still a PART
of the movie. Will you please treat it as such. Some of you REALLY know how
to screw up five minutes of reflection time that can sometimes be really nice.

Please exit the theater or enjoy the credits QUIETLY.
Sheesh you guys.

I found a place for Harley Quinn.
For some reason I really enjoy this figure.

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