Wednesday, March 1, 2017

I used the MSR fry pan I recently purchased off of I know this is kind of a repeat post as
we have seen pictures of potatoes cooking out here
before, but I just wanted to have a picture of my new
fry pan cooking up them delicious critters.

Yes, we have seen this before too. But I love looking at my
ever trusty Becker BK24 that assists me almost daily. I would
say that you owe it to yourselves to buy a BK24 and that you
would not be sorry, but I think they have been discontinued.

However there is still the Becker BK14 which is made of
1095 Cro-Van steel as opposed to the BK 24's D2 Steel. I have
both and I have no complaints. (That is an older photo from 2015.)

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