Saturday, March 18, 2017

You betchya.

I bought "The Mechanic" from the five dollar bin at Walmart.
I only just discovered Jason Statham a few months ago and
I really, really like him. He is badassery. He is the male Michelle
Rodriguez, or Michelle Rodriguez is the female Jason Statham,
or something. The other motivating factor for this purchase is the
co-star Ben Foster.  Anybody who knows "3:10 to Yuma's" Charlie
Prince can tell you that Ben is also.... a badass. I did watch this
movie and it is pretty darn good.

The ending fooled me. I rate it 6.5 out of 10 ampules of Rohypnol.

And I found "Frank and Jesse" in the three seventy four bin. Rob
Lowe plays Jesse James and the recently passed and beloved Bill Paxton
plays brother Frank. If I remember right, this was a made for HBO movie
that I saw many years ago and a few times since then and is not the best in
the world, but it's a Western, and not that bad, and after all, it's a Western.

One of my all time favorite singers, Randy Travis plays Cole Younger in the
movie. He's good. After the gang has robbed a train, Cole, wanting his bit of
notoriety and not to be outdone by Jesse, tells the train's passengers, "...and
Cole Younger, you tell 'em you was robbed by Cole Younger too!"
He says that real good. I like it.

I actually already have this movie, but it is used and I wanted a new copy.

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