Thursday, April 13, 2017

 I added another movie to my small Jason Statham collection.
This movie is called "Wild Card". Jason plays a kind of down
on his luck badass living in Las Vegas. He is asked to do a
favor by a close friend and that may or may not get him into
hot water with folks who may or may not be... mob guys.

This movie kept me interested for the entire 92 minutes. This
was a good one. Jason's movies are almost like watching those
fun action movies back in the 1980's, but updated. I didn't think
anybody could capture that again. I rate this movie about 7.5
out of 10 butter knives. I will be on the hunt for more Jason films.

Bonus: A fun part to look out for is Jason getting his butt
whooped by a smaller guy.

If you cannot get your Kart (A) to the Kart Korral (B), leaving your cart
where it can possibly damage the cars of folks who just want to park
and do their weekly shopping, I think that makes you a person of 
lazy character and much too common these days.

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