Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Oh, tiptoe from the garden, by the garden of the willow tree.
And tiptoe, to the movies, with me.

Got my popcorn!

Yep, Ghost in the Shell.

Visuals were great. I liked the scene that took place in the shallow water
in the middle of the city. I have not seen the anime(?) version of it and
won't, so I don't know how much this movie stayed true to that. I just
viewed it as an action movie with good fights, fun weapons and Scarlett
Johansson as Major being cool but not nearly as cool as Milla Jovovich
as Alice in Residential Evil. For the fun factor I rate this movie 6 out of 10
Cyber-Enhanced Humans. I would say wait to see this movie at home.

I just might buy this when it comes out on Blu-ray... maybe.

Fun part to watch for: Mom, breaking your heart.

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