Friday, April 21, 2017

In January I bought a Star Wars Elite Series Die Cast Imperial
Stormtrooper for fifteen dollars. In late February I bought a
Die Cast C-3P0 for fifteen dollars.

This week I found an Imperial Death Trooper and they are down
to ten dollars. They retail for twenty-six something, so great price.

It seems that R2D2 is not to be found. But I did find another little
astromech droid, C2-B5. Ten bucks. If you want them, Disney Store
has them. They have a lot of Rogue One figures. I am not really
interested in getting Jyn Erso or Cassian Andor or the like. And I
really didn't warm up to K-2SO like so many did, so I went with
more generic (I believe) type characters.

Oh, and these guys are HEAVY.

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