Tuesday, May 16, 2017

I could not help myself. I bought a new knife today. This is a Buck
Stockman 371. This is a larger version of the knife I have been carrying
since November of last year, the Buck Trio. I was planning on carrying the
Trio for a long... LONG time. But for those of us who love knives, seven
months is a pretty long time to carry a knife and the bug to play with
something new just catches up with us...

This Stockman knife has three blades: Sheepsfoot, spey and clip. The knife
has 420J2 steel which I like. It holds an edge pretty well and I find it easy
to sharpen. As a matter of fact, I usually just run my Trio over my strop
once a week or so and it is good to go. The handles are Brown Jigged
Bone. I don't know if they are real bone or some sort of plastic.
Probably not real bone. That's fine.

I still cringe at the China thing.
But it seems to be well made. Pretty good match up.
No play in the blades. If there were play in the blades,
it would go right back to the store. No room for that.
Crisp action too.

It's a Buck and if it is taken care of, this is a knife that can be
handed down to your kids and most likely their kids. And
what else that you pay $19.92 can you say that about?

This knife is too old school for a lot of folks these days.
These slip joint knives seem to be a novelty to them.
Their loss.

Oh, I bought this knife at Walmart, of course.

P.S. One more thing. This knife weighs in at 3.1 ounces.
For a knife this size, 3 7/8 inches closed, that is going to
be too heavy for some folks, so....

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