Friday, May 19, 2017

I went to see "Alien Covenant".

Color ME disappointed. I really wish that I could write a bit more about
this movie, but I don't want to spoil anything for anybody. But I WILL
say this... Elizabeth Shaw. That's IT? #Really? The last movie, "Prometheus"
that most people did not care for, I liked. It totally left me wanting more.

Five years we waited. "Covenant" did NOT leave me wanting more. I will
still go to see the next one, but I pretty much already know what is going to
happen. I will buy "Covenant" when it comes out on Blu-ray to complete my
"Alien" collection. Maybe I will like it (better?) the second time around.

I'm going to be a softy and say that yes, this movie is worth seeing in the
theater, but at your own risk. At this point I am rating "Alien Covenant"
Six out of Ten Dorsal Tubes.

I stopped at Target on the way back to El Rancho and bought
"The Neon Demon" in an effort to take some leftover sour
taste out of my "Covenant" rattled brain.

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