Sunday, May 21, 2017

There was a lot of anticipation for this movie. The sequels
for "The Blair Witch Project" so far had not been very good.
But here was another chance at BW glory.

Then it hit theaters and folks were not impressed. I remember
going to see a different movie and seeing a trailer for a movie
called "The Woods". As it turns out, "The Woods" was actually a
preview of "Blair Witch". The movie folks were trying to keep
the fact that it was a BWP sequel from us and having a little
fun to boot, if I remember right.

And here is the anticlimactic ending to today's post. I had
seen this movie around when it came out on DVD but after
what I had heard about it, I was not going to put out a lot
of money for it. And now here we are. Price came down.
And I will see for myself how it is.

I wrote "it" a lot. Sorry.


...later that night.

I watched Blair Witch, Well.... It did give me the creeps, and it
did keep me interested, and it was fun seeing some of the tie-ins
from the Blair Witch Project, but I cannot believe how they used
jump scares. Cheesy, stupid jump scares. "Throwing a cat on set"
jump scares. They did not need to do that. Am I glad I saw
it? Yes, I kind of liked it. I will rate it 5.5 out of 10
Makeshift Racks.

Oh yeah. Folks with claustrophobia will LOVE one the scenes.
Oh and Lisa carried what looked to be a Spyderco knife.
That was a plus.

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