Saturday, August 26, 2017

I had an extra day off of work and so I decided to go
to a store that I had been wanting to go to for years.
I don't know why I haven't gone until now... no idea.

REI, or Recreational Equipment, Inc for those of us in
the know. Actually, I had to look that up. Great store and
I bought a few things that I have had on my Amazon Wish
List for a few years. Things I could not find in stores locally.
Their prices seem to be about normal, except for knives.
Stores like this es muy loco when it comes to knife prices.
No bueno.

Number one item I purchased today would be this
canister stand for my MSR Pocket Rocket.

This is a pretty compact little gadget and will go a long
way towards stabilizing the little stove.

These canisters can be a little unstable depending on
the size of the pot placed upon the stoves attached
to them. But this stand has some wide legs and
it seems like it will work out great.
Number two score for today is this Snow Peak
Trek 900 Titanium cook set.

This is a total luxury item for me. Nothing that I HAD to have.
I've just always wanted to have one for the cool and fun factor.

It is so light it is unbelievable. It is very popular with camper/hikers
into "ultra light" accessories. These folks are into counting every little
ounce and shaving their loads down to nothing. I am not about that.
The little cover can be used as a fry pan (not very practical, but
COOL). I will use it mostly as a cover for the pot as it speeds up
the boiling/cooking process.

I cannot wait to get out and break these guys in and learn what they
can do. REI is about a two hour round trip for me, but now that
I know where it is, I will be back.

And guess what....

I found another Little Caesar's Pizza!!! ANOTHER one.
This is just crazy, man. There are a bunch of these places.

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