Wednesday, October 18, 2017

As I was leaving El Rancho today to run some errands
in town, I spotted this guy. I have no idea where he
came from. He is not mine. He is pretty cool.
His snake must be annoying.

On one of my errands I bought this Ontario 499 Air Force
Survival Knife. No, these are not the finest knives in the world,
but I have kind of wanted one for a lot of years. A lot. Just to
have. They have been made by a few companies, the latest being
Ontario. I have had this knife on my Amazon wish list for over
two years.

I was at Walmart two weeks ago and there were four in the case.
I hemmed and hawed and passed it up. After I left I was sorry I did.
So today I grabbed a few dollars from my penny jar, shoved them into
the back of my wallet and said to myself that if they had any left, I would
buy one. If not, I would keep those dollars in the back of my wallet and
hope that one day they might have them again. Today, one left. Huzzah!

I think these knives and sheaths are weird. But I am really
happy to finally add one to my collection.

Oh yeah, and I bought Monte Walsh on DVD.
Tom Selleck. Cowboy. No brainer.

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